Total Body Screening and Healing Technology in the Comfort Of Your Home
Trusted by Doctors and Healthcare Professionals
Used in Clinics and Medical Centres Worldwide
For Complete Health Screening and Restorative Healing
Your Own Health Screening and Monitoring Technology
How will you feel if you can take total control of your healthcare and those of your loved ones? You can screen your entire body, find out the cause of any disease, consult with doctors and receive treatment in the comfort of your home, anytime you need to.
The device can:
Check all body organs and give a rapid assessment of health status
Identify over 250 harmful microbes, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites
Find hidden allergens and the degree of the toxic effect of food additives
Detect harmful environmental toxins such as Lead and Mercury
Identify diseases present and their location
Analyse the effects of harmful electromagnetic fields
Find the right medication and the most suitable dosage
Treat diseases
Prevent diseases and keep the body healthy
Prepare medications
Test foods and cosmetics for compatibility with the body
Carry out a comparative analysis after a course of treatment and much more
Schedule a Consultation
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The Five Star Healthcare system is a trialled and tested system used in clinics in Europe and New Zealand. Sensitiv Audit Technology has CE, FDA and ISO certification and approval.
You don't need any training to operate Sensitiv Audit. Our Patient Guides can connect with your system anywhere in the world and guide you through your healthcare journey. You can also train at your own time to learn as little or as much as you want to know.
Connect instantly with Medical doctors, Specialists, Nutritionists and other medical professionals to attend to your healthcare.

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